Telkom SA SOC Limited

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


How do I become a supplier to Telkom SA SOC Limited?

A supplier selection process, which follows the adjudication of an open tender or bid process, enables all potential suppliers to compete according to a model which is fair, open and transparent. In the event that a supplier is successful, an appropriate agreement may be entered into, whereupon the supplier is created as an approved supplier. Entries in the Tender Bulletin reflect contact names and numbers which prospective tenderers may contact should they require information before they decide to participate. It is important to note that Telkom requires suppliers to comply with the Company’s Standard Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time. Trading may commence at this point. Telkom has drawn up guidelines within which all business relationships with its suppliers are conducted. These guidelines have been designed in accordance with internationally accepted standards of ethical business conduct and are there to establish a framework of conduct between suppliers and Telkom employees. The purpose is not intended to hinder normal business activity. For further information, please refer to Telkom's Tender Bulletin.

What is Telkom's Procure to Pay initiative?

Procure to Pay (P2P) forms part of Telkom's Business Integration Services (TBIS) and offers the supplier access to a hosted, web-based electronic Business-to-Business trading portal. P2P enables trading partners (buyers and suppliers), to conduct business electronically by facilitating the total P2P cycle that includes the sourcing of commodities, procurement of selected goods or services and the conclusion of the financial transaction.

Must I be a Telkom registered trade vendor to apply for bid/proposal/quotation documentation (RFB/RFP/RFQ)?

There is no restriction regarding the collection of bid/proposal/quotation documentation, i.e. any supplier/service provider, whether a registered Telkom trade vendor or not, may apply for bid/proposal/quotation documentation. Telkom will only register the successful supplier/service provider as a Telkom Local or International Trade Vendor once responses to a bid/proposal/quote have been evaluated and business awarded to the successful supplier/service provider.