Telkom SA SOC Limited

Sourcing Process

  1. Telkom's Procurement Process is subject to Telkom's Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct.
  2. Telkom's internal service organizations identify the need.
  3. A Telkom cross functional subject matter expert team compile the specification/scope of work covering the specific requirement.
  4. Telkom's Procurement Services Team obtain the necessary approval to invite an Request for Bid/Proposal/Information/Quotation (RFB/RFP/RFI/RFQ).
  5. Once the documentation has been prepared an invitation is published in Telkom's Tender Bulletin to afford all potential suppliers/service providers the opportunity to participate and provide Telkom with their responses.
  6. All responses are subject to the applicable Telkom Standard Terms & Conditions as provided in the Bid documentation as well as Telkom’s:
  7. On the closing date and time all responses are opened, punched and numbered and handed to the Telkom cross functional subject matter expert team for evaluation against the preset criteria, etc as advertised in Telkom's Tender Bulletin.
  8. Once the successful supplier/service provider has been identified, the cross functional subject matter expert team will obtain the necessary approval from the relevant Telkom committee(s) or designated person for approval to award and appoint the successful supplier/service provider. The successful supplier/service provider will then be registered as a Telkom Trade Vendor and a vendor code allocated to the supplier/service provider.
  9. Either a contract will be entered into between Telkom and the successful supplier/service provider or an official Telkom order will be released to cover Telkom's requirements - please refer to the option of Electronic Procurement.
  10. Once the contract has been signed by both parties or an order was released and the Order Acknowledgement Form returned to Telkom to confirm acceptance and correctness of the order, may the successful supplier/service provider commence with the delivery of Telkom's requirements/rendering of the relevant services.
  11. Upon completion of delivery/services the supplier/service provider must obtain a signed delivery note/service entry sheet as evidence that Telkom received the correct items or that the services was rendered according to Telkom's requirements.
  12. The supplier/service provider may now invoice Telkom (Telkom’s Standard Payment Terms is included in the applicable Telkom Standard Terms & Conditions, as provided in the Bid documentation)