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Boni Gantile, Executive: Functional
Competence Development

Welcome to the Telkom Centre for Learning's website.

Telkom Centre for Learning (CFL) is responsible for all of Telkom's Human Capital Development.

CFL provides end to end human capital development solutions using tested global processes as well as high quality learning solutions.

The CFL team is available to assist individuals, organizations and companies with a needs analysis to determine specific development areas and requirements, and subsequent solution design.

Our Performance Consultants are supported by experienced and qualified Human Resources Development practitioners to provide solutions to performance needs.

We do so in a number of ways, either by developing relevant, customized solutions, or in collaboration with our external training partners and suppliers. We have established partnerships with various ICT learning organizations including the International Telecommunications Union (we are an accredited ITU Centre of Excellence) as well as the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization.

CFL's learning solutions serve business skills development needs as well as lifelong learning through a range of credit and non-credit bearing learning solutions.

We offer short courses, skills programmes, learnerships and industry specific international certifications depending on the need.

Our solutions are increasingly blended to incorporate interactive online learning elements. Such solutions enhance the overall learning experience through increased learner activity, and serve to speed up and increase access to learning

We look forward to being of service to you in addressing your human capital development needs.