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Products & Services

How can I apply for certain Telkom Products and services?

Please visit the residential or business product page, look for the order, activate or buy options on the left navigation and follow the options.

How can I order ADSL online?

Please visit to order ADSL online.

When is CallMore time? Do public holidays qualify for CallMore time?

CallMore time is from 19:00 weekdays to following morning 7:00, and then weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from the Friday evening 19:00 to Monday morning 7:00. Public Holidays are not regarded as CallMore time, e.g. if 25 December falls on a Wednesday, normal tariffs will apply.

Please could you assist us as to where we can get our old Telkom phones (Orion, Venus etc) repaired?

You can contact our supplier, Marconi on 0806272664 for a quote on repair. Please note that for the repair of certain phones there is a minimum charge that is in most cases more than the cost of a new instrument.

How do I change account responsibility (change of renter)?

The new owner must contact the Service Activation department to provide their specific customer information. In addition, both the new and previous customers must agree to a "Transfer of Service." A security deposit may be required from the new customer. A Service Order Charge is applicable. Contact 10219 - Service Activation.

I would like to find out whether phones from overseas would work on the Telkom network? It's a Panasonic cordless phone from New Zealand and it has the same connections as those used in South Africa. Do you think this will work, or is there some connection to make it work on the network?

We suggest that you contact ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) in order to get hold of the Specification (TE-001), and compare it with the specification of the specific country from where the products will be sourced. Please note that any equipment connected to the PSTN in South Africa must be licensed by ICASA before it can be connected. ICASA's telephone number is 011-321 8200.

When is the best time to access the Internet?

According to statistics, peak traffic is between 10:30 to 13:30 and then again 16:30 to 19:30.

How can I apply for a new service, except for completing forms at a Telkom direct shop?

You can apply telephonically for a new service or a transfer of service, instead of completing forms. The following numbers can be phoned free of charge: 10219 for residential or 10217 for businesses. You can also apply online at