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iWayAfrica Group

iWayAfrica Group


telkom wholesale





Iway Africa

iWayAfrica Group is an integration of Africa Online Limited and MWEB Africa Limited.iWayAfrica Group offers internet services through its own VSAT access services in sub-Saharan Africa.


FastNet is a Wireless Service Providers for the transmission of data for ie point-of-sale systems


Trudon (Pty) Limited (formerly known as TDS Directory Operations (Pty) Ltd) is the market leading directional media and publishing company in Southern Africa.

Telkom Foundation

The Telkom Foundation Trust was established in 1998, but registered as a trust in 2002. It is a Non-Profit Organisation.


Cybernest has six fully fledged data centers in South Africa and well over 600 specialised data centre staff. These data centres are already managing about R2.5 billion worth of IT assets




iWayAfrica Group

do Broadband

Telkom's retail broadband offering combining the DSL access and the Internet account into a cost effective, discounted bundle that offers more than just internet access as it provides a portal to services such as music, gaming and educational content.


Telkom Wholesale is South Africa's leading provider of ICT wholesale facilities, services and solutions through our world class network and ICT expertise


A new state-of-the-art undersea submarine cable system established to link Africa, Asia and Europe.

Telkom SAIX

The South African Internet eXchange (SAIX) is Telkom's answer to Internet access in Southern Africa.